Maritime Experts Available for Briefings on 2022 Hurricane Ian Preparedness and Operations

As Hurricane Ian approaches Florida, media outlets, lawmakers and policymakers are encouraged to contact the Florida Maritime Partnership with questions about the American maritime industry’s efforts to prepare for the storm. For decades, the American maritime industry has worked closely with local, state, and federal governments, shippers, suppliers, and emergency response teams to ensure that reliable and consistent delivery of goods is achieved in times of need. In Florida, most transportation fuel, including gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel, is transported by American tank vessels to fuel terminals at ports around the state. When a hurricane may potentially impact the state, the domestic maritime industry works with our partners at the state’s marine fuel terminals to ensure that shoreside facilities are at capacity before the storm. After the storm has passed, the industry stands ready to begin discharging additional fuel cargos as soon as ports and terminals reopen. When a hurricane strikes, the American maritime industry:
  • Works closely with government officials to prepare and respond
  • Prepositions critical supply vessels offshore to better respond strategically based on where the storm might make landfall and which communities might need immediate assistance
  • Coordinates delivery of essential cargo needed in the immediate aftermath of a storm and works with relief organizations to ensure essential relief materials, such as batteries, fuel, water, and first aid materials, are delivered as efficiently and quickly as possible
  • Designates safe areas for equipment to ride out the storm
  • Coordinates assistance with members of the U.S. military and merchant marine fleet
  • Prepares maritime facilities and equipment to minimize potential storm damage
  • Provides up-to-date information to members of the media, public, and potentially affected communities
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