Overview of America’s Domestic Maritime Industry in Florida

  • The state of Florida ranks second among all states with 65,990 American maritime jobs tied to the domestic maritime industry. (Only Louisiana has slightly more.) Labor income related to the domestic maritime industry in Florida exceeds $3.73 billion annually.
  • Domestic maritime jobs in Florida have increased by more than 25% (by 13,850 jobs) between 2011 and 2016. The previous version of this study used 2011 data, while the current study uses the most recent available data from 2016.
  • Total gross economic impact related to the Florida’s domestic maritime industry is $14.6 billion annually, again second only to Louisiana.
  • Florida is home to a vibrant ship operating industry, including a major center based in Jacksonville, which is home to one of the youngest containership fleets in the world.
  • Florida is also a major shipyard state, seventh nationally in shipbuilding-related jobs. A recent study of shipbuilding by the U.S. Maritime Administration, covering both commercial and military ship construction, found a $1.59 billion annual economic impact in Florida with 20,500 associated jobs. More than $1 billion in labor income is associated with the shipyard industry in Florida each year.
  • Florida is the rare state that includes significant elements of all three major parts of the American domestic maritime industry — vessel operating companies, ship construction and repair yards, and maritime industry workers and retirees. Also, the American commercial maritime industry works closely with the U.S. Navy throughout the state of Florida
Infographic on the impact of Florida's Maritime Industry